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The Great War

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Guided visits

The First World War left an immense impact on Nieuwpoort. The city and her sluice complex realized what was thought to be unachievable, stopping the German invaders. This story can be relived throughout multiple guided visits around the city.

In the visitor center Westfront (under the monument to King Albert I) we give you an introduction to the story of the inundation and how it managed to stop the invading German forces. Here you can climb the steps of the monument and enjoy the beautiful overview over the region and its hinterlands. Click here for more information about this visit.

If you desire to dive deeper into the subject, then you can book the tour "Water as a weapon during the First World War". Here everything is explained about the plain of the Yser, the different commemorative monuments and the functioning of the sluices. Click here for more information about this visit.